Quality is when the customer comes again.

We write the year 2000, when the company Garage Greco was founded with the headquarters in 2540 Grenchen (Canton of Solothurn). Many criteria led to independence.

A high level of discipline and self-confidence led our company to success, because quality is when the customer comes back.

Why our motto: Of passion ..... Garage Greco

The passion began when our team was apprenticed. In 1989, an important milestone of Garage Greco was born. With full enthusiasm we completed a 4-year apprenticeship as body mechanic with graduation. One year later, we included a 2-year apprenticeship as a car painter, to develop passionately, was still a 2-year apprenticeship as a car mechanic completed.

For 6 years we have taken over a management from a big car company and have furthered our education, To complete our passion for the car we visited the school as a technical businessman in Grenchen. In a brand company we were still active as a car salesman. This time was always processed by us with passion.

So our fascination is so huge and mind-boggling that we can handle any challenge. Be it the classic cars, classic cars, sports cars or modern vehicles.
This is our motto: Of passion ..... Garage Greco

The company expands in 2018

With the acquisition of a larger building to further expand our passion, Garage Greco GmbH has been expanded to Solothurnstrasse 118 in 2540 Grenchen (canton of Solothurn).

A former shipping workshop, was renovated in 2017 with a lot of love and especially for the good of the car inside from the ground up.
Pictures in the middle of the renovation phase ...
Our team is open to everything, so with the company ZAUGG, this is the very first project in Switzerland with an intermediate wooden floor (20 minutes report).

The company Garage Greco consists of two floors. On the lower floor there is the workshop on 370m², on the upper floor there is the exhibition and the sales office on 370m².

We are very proud to have realized this project with the company ZAUGG and THANKS from the heart.
The emergence of the first intermediate wooden floor in Switzerland ...

The completion of the renovation in 2018 ... Garage Greco GmbH on 740m² ...

Of passion ..... Garage Greco
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